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Originally Posted by yari View Post
OK I am toootally going to use your ideas Lena! Woohoo, thanks for the inspiration! I was planning on doing something different than this but this wins the price, totally cuter and cheaper!
Only one of them was my idea LOL...the smarties one...I have no idea whose idea the lollipop one was since it was found on pinterest and I never saw it on pinterest, only here.

I'm glad to see so many people doing it; I think it's really cute and I think they are going to go over like crazy at Naomi's ballet Valentine party tomorrow. Parker doesn't really have a party to take his to, I'm just mailing them to a few relatives and he's taking a few to the babysitter's house next Monday (but she only keeps my kids LOL)

I don't know how we'll all top this next year
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