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I enjoyed this book. I agree, it took a ::long:: time to get going, and Kate Morton really makes you work to read her books. I did feel like this book could have been edited down to 200 less pages. It's almost like she had a page quota she was trying to fulfill or something... I still liked it, although of all her books (and yes, I'm a Kate Morton junkie and have read everything she's written!) The Forgotten Garden is, by far, my most fav! Hang in there, those of you who haven't gotten too far, I really think it's worth reading. It's def the most fulfilling in the end. It's one of those books that is all worth it in the end. I did really enjoy the characters she had in this book, and there were some surprises for me. I had guessed a few of them, but several of them were total surprises, which I love!

I prolly won't reread this book, but The Forgotten Garden I will reread a LOT! I do really like this author! Are any of you guys on - I ::luv:: that site! (it's sorta like facebook for readers!)
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