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Sarah, I'm glad to hear everything went well yesterday!

I haven't interviewed much in the last decade since I've mostly gotten shoulder taps to take new positions within my organization, but I've conducted a lot of interviews in my career. I ALWAYS ask people what they did to prepare. For me, it's a gauge on how interested they are. I've literally gotten the full gamet on this question. Some people have told me they didn't do anything and others have really done their research. I'm never impressed when people can't answer the question.

- Look up interviewers on LinkedIn so you are familiar with their history
- If it's an internal job, talk to people on the team or informally meet with the hiring manager first
- Be prepared to ask good questions (it's a total turn off for me if the candidate doesn't have any questions)
- Ask for the job! ... if after the interview, it's a position you want ... say so!
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