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Default What projects are you working on now?

What long term or special projects is everyone working on now or hoping to get to soon?

My main project is my 2017 album. I'm on week 25 for my weekly pocket pages, but I haven't done too many of the non-pocket pages yet. I'm hoping to at least finish and print January to April by the end of December. I give myself a 50% chance of making that deadline!

I'm also about halfway through a 20-page photobook about a trip to Boston that Dan and Jason took in 2014. I just bought a Shutterfly Groupon that expires in January, so now I've got a deadline and will finish and print by then.

I'd like to make some progress on a book about our 2016 Disney trip. We'll see how I do--I get overwhelmed by this project. There are sooo many photos; even choosing the best ones for each page is a big job. So far I've decided what each of my pages will be and gotten the photos sorted, but I have a lot more in each folder than I can realistically include in the photobook. I'm going to try declaring Tuesdays "Disney Day" and only working on my Disney pages on Tuesday. At least that way I'd make some progress without falling too far behind on my other projects.
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That are some fun projects Rachel. Can't wait to see your pages.

I'm working on:
- An album of our family vacation to Austria and Italy from 2017.
- An album of a vacation I took with a friend in September 2017. Her birthday is in August, so I hope to give it to her on her birthday.

When I have finished one of the above albums, I can start on our trip to Vienna (July 2017).

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I am working on a project 2017.
Our wdw/universalvacation from aug 2016.
Moviepark germany may 2016.
Dlp march 2015.
( and there are other dlptrips and vacations waiting )
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My next BIG project to complete is my son's Preschool Album. I probably have 20 more layouts or so to create.
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I am in the progress of my trip to Ireland book from this summer. Have a few pages started but am at a stand still.

Still need to finish 2015 YIR and have yet to start 2017. Want to do a December one. We will see where I get to, lol.
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Everyones' projects sounds so fun!

I'm currently working on my PL 2017, I've got up to week 32 finished (minus 7 and 25), then up til week 45 (minus 43 and 44) where I'm almost finsihed, pictures are placed and most have a kit in place, I just need to finish my journaling (basically just copying from my journal).

Then I have my pages from our France trip ready made, just need to tweek the last things and put into a book and order.

As always, the kids' books are "running" in the background, but won't be done anytime soon.
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I need to complete lake house vacation albums from 2016 and 2017. I don't have enough photos to make a 20 page book for each so I guess I will have to combine them (giving as a gift to my BIL & SIL) but it feels weird to me to have two vacations in one book so I've put it temporarily on the back burner. Our disaster of a vacation with my family should be scrapped, too, but I'm not sure I will make a separate album for it. I might just make some pocket pages and call it good.

I'm debating on doing a drag 'n' drop premade Shutterfly album of my ILs' anniversary party from last year. I know that my MIL would like to have copies of the pictures but just handing her a photo album when she knows I digitally scrap seems impersonal.

I have 2017 PL abt halfway done. I don't like it but I'm too far in to quit. Oh, and I need to do my 2014 Countdown to Christmas album (and this year's) but I'm not worried abt those. 2011, 2012, and 2013 are printed, and 2015 and 2016 need to be printed.

Otherwise, I'm always working on the last 2 or 3 years. I think I have 3 events from 2014 and 6 from 2015 to wrap up those years officially.
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