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".$footer; } echo ""; // If you want to use a prefix for your database, enter it here. // NOTE: This variable can only be set PRIOR to your first installation of PhotoPost; // existing databases will not be changed and you will be unable to connect if you change // this variable after performing a default installation. $pp_db_prefix = "pp_"; // User database MySQL database name // // This is the variable for the User Database; if you are using Internal // as your registration system, then these variables are the same as the // ones above. If you are linking to a message board system, // thse variables should be set to the database, user and password for that // database. $database_bb="c1vbulletin"; // MySQL username and password to access user database // // These two variables are for the userid and password needed to access // the PhotoPost or BB database. $user_bb="c1vbulletin"; $password_bb="geekrobinf"; // // VB3 License Number required for VB3 integration // You can find this number by checking your index.php file in your vB3 directory // The 4th line in the file looks like: // || # vBulletin 3.0.0 - Licence Number ######## // It is the ######## number you need to place below. $vblicense = ""; //**************** Application Configuration ****************// // Default Language // This needs to be set to the name of the directory used inside of the languages directory $pplang = "english"; //////////////////////// Application Configuration //////////////////////////////// // These variables set the path to the UNZIP, MOGRIFY and JHEAD commands on your system // // This only needs to be set if you are allowing ZIP uploads. These are full paths, // including the name of the executable (.exe extensions for windows) // The -j option for Info-ZIP's UNZIP tells it to ignore paths in ZIP file // // This option is only used in the event the internal UNZIP does not work for you //$zip_command = "/usr/bin/unzip -j"; // Path to MOGRIFY executable // There should be no spaces in the directory names, use short names if necessary. // Examples: // $mogrify_command = "c:\progra~1\imagemagick\mogrify.exe"; // $mogrify_command = "c:\ImageMagick\mogrify.exe"; $mogrify_command = ""; ?>
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I cannot connect to the Members database. []