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Conversation Between junebug and lizzyfizzy
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  1. lizzyfizzy
    11-18-2009 11:58 PM
    LOL!! i like whores.
  2. junebug
    11-18-2009 03:18 PM
    psss! *whispers* if you need any more people on your CT, think of meeeeee! tee hee!

    there i go, whoring myself out to cts again
  3. lizzyfizzy
    12-23-2008 01:51 PM
  4. lizzyfizzy
    12-22-2008 06:42 PM
    LOL!! for real.
  5. junebug
    12-22-2008 06:41 PM
    that was better than popcorn! but, my kids love popcorn, so whatever lol.
  6. lizzyfizzy
    12-22-2008 06:38 PM
    LOL! mine had organic mac n chesse with milk borrowed from the neighbor. i ran out.
  7. junebug
    12-22-2008 06:33 PM
    i'm a major slacker mom/wife, lol. my kids had popcorn for lunch so, i just put a Stouffer's chicken parmigiana in the oven. takes 70 minutes however, lol. i'm usually too busy goofing off on here to cook normal food.
  8. lizzyfizzy
    12-22-2008 06:27 PM
    cook dinner? what's that.

    i'm such a bad wife.
  9. junebug
    12-22-2008 06:26 PM

    oh, yah, La's survey. it's like extra credit for all her peeps, lol. guess i'll go do that now. i should probably cook dinner though, lol.
  10. lizzyfizzy
    12-22-2008 06:23 PM
    BWAHAHAHAHA!! not you didn't scare me. i was goofing on you tube and doing la's latest torture survey. LOL!!

    p.s. wild sex talk doesn't scare me.

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