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Robin Carlton 05-01-2021 03:41 PM

PSA: Failed Orders through Paypal
Hey chickies!

The shoppe is incredibly busy and thankfully the vast majority of orders are going through without issue.

However, there are several orders today which Paypal is dropping connection on, resulting in a charge at paypal, but a failed order here at SSD. I am on the lookout for these orders and will push them through automatically.

There's no need to place a new order as that order will just result in a second charge at Paypal.

If your order says failed, but the money has been taken from your PP account, just shoot me an email admin @ sweetshoppedesigns.com, and I'll push it right through for you.

I've already gone through the duplicate transactions and sent through a refund where needed, but if you did a second transaction using your credit card instead of paypal, I may have missed that, so just send me a note with your two sets of order numbers and I'll get you a refund for one of them!

Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the hiccups girls!


JoCee 05-02-2021 12:20 AM

thanks Robin, you are the best and made sure I got my order sorted in quick time.

SweetShoppe rocks!!

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