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1a - Scrap with lots of circle shapes in your composition OR

2a - Scrap about an everyday moment OR

3b - Scrap clustered in the center of the page

4b - Scrap a page with someone wearing glasses

5a - Scrap a page using scallops

6a - Scrap with products from Featured Designer Bobbie of River Rose Designs OR

7a - Scrap a magazine style page with NO embellishments OR

8b - Scrap a layout which combines more than one of them

9b - Use alliteration in your title, caption or journaling

10b - Use an abundance of word strips

11b - Scrap about a typical day adulting

12a - Scrap about an object that brings you luck OR

13a - Scrap a page using a patterned background OR

14b - Feeling Blue [think struggles/depression/anxiety, etc]

15b - Scrap a page using a peg, bulletin or light board

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