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I completed 8 challenges this month!

All About Me
Top ten songs the year you graduated high school
What it cost? then and now.
Favorite Travel Spots
Your hidden talent
Favorite Spot in Your Home

This or That
Typed or handwritten
Cold & Wet or Warm & Sunny
Picking Flowers or Catching Bugs
Truth or Dare
Prim & Proper or Rough & Tumble

In The Spotlight
Journal abundantly for Blah blah blah day!
FD Blagovesta & Bobbie
Scrap a lie for Tell a Lie Day
Kick Your Feet up for No Housework Day and Scrap whatever you want!
Participate in an OTT post

Journal on Your Photo
PRD Blog Challenge - Jul ?22 - Inspired by Art
Stamped Alphabet Title
Scrap It Summer: Weekend Getaway #1

National Frog Month
Create a monochromatic
Green page
Use frog themed elements
Evolve or grow something on your page
Create an amphibious page with motifs of both land and sea
OLW: metamorphosis

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