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Default ISO/ Kit Request/ Go-to Items

I like to use one kit for a page. But there are so many times that I find myself digging through my folders for some basic item that's not in the kit. (It's often on the template, so it's in my head that I *need* this item and can't move on without it )
Every time, I say I need to keep a list of where my favorite basic items are---but I never do, so I think it would be amazing if a wonderful designer made a kit full of those simple, basics go-to items, all in one place.
I'd also love to hear what go-to basics you go for & feel free to tell me where you find your favorites while I wait for this dream-supply kit to be made

Things I often find myself needing to go "off-kit" for-
"bright" white paper (I love for matting photos)
hanging tags on strings and also not on strings
stitches, especially a page border but also long & short lines
silver/gold/white/black brads
neutral, simple alphas (big & small for title/subtitle)
lace/paper doily
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