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I've been using my A5 Filofax planner for years now. I have a nice leather cover that I love.. and I order my pages from Agendio. They're great because I can totally customize everything. I keep a month at a glance section, then a weekly section. I designed that to have two sections per day... one for personal stuff and one for design stuff. It gives me great sastisfaction to write things down and check them off! LOL I've also made sections for other stuff like store info, kit planning, and general notes. Seriously, I'd be lost without my planner! (I'm actually at work as I write this and forgot to bring it tonight. I feel like I left an arm at home! lol)

I do keep appointments in my phone as well as my work schedule so I can check on that stuff. I don't generally carry my planner around with me for errands and such. And my hubby and I use google calendar for sharing shift info and his stuff. It's pretty redundant, but at least I don't have to worry about remembering to tell him about my shifts later.
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