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The problem with piracy of any kind is that people see it as a victimless crime, and also will quite happily bang the gong for one type of battle against one type of piracy, while turning around and commiting piracy somewhere else.

As someone whose work has been stolen, heck I once was walking in town and someone came past me with a T Shirt and I was like, "Oh that looks familiar", then I realised he was sporting one of my paintings a large dragon with a bare breasted lady on his back, and I don't print T Shirts.

I have a no tolerance view on all types of piracy, because I know the work that goes into a product, be that art and digital resources, software, games or movies.

The really sad thing is the products here are so underpriced for the effort anyway that the creators are only making a minimal amount for their continued efforts anyways. Artists very rarely make enough to keep food on the table, particularly if they are doing something they love, and not having to design packaging or products

Also I find from quoting costs to people that often any creative work is undervalued, especially digital work as people seem to think their is a mythical button on the keyboard that just "makes" art.

Jeebs I would love to find this button, it would save me tons of work....

Generally I pay for everything I use and follow the TOU to the letter, do be aware that some people offer commerical kits of specific shapes and elements FOR kit makers, this is not pirating just always please make sure you read, understand and follow the TOU.

As for friends who are strapped for cash, I have and will continue to buy them vouchers or points to buy kits they can't afford, it would never occur to me to share, I don't hurt my fellow creators...

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