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Originally Posted by knittingbec View Post
I went on one weekend was held at a summer camp (summer camp is my favorite place in the whole world!!) in the off-season. It was so fun! I went with a friend...we were invited by one of the hosts, a girl we knew from college.

The ladies at the paper-scrap website that was my "home" for many years talked about organizing one in a cabin or beach house, but it hasn't yet come to fruition...
That's awesome, Rebecca! I hope you will all get together!!
It would be fun to plan an SSD retreat weekend...maybe somewhere cheap to fly into, like Las Vegas

Originally Posted by aussiegirl View Post
When I paper scrapped, my Creative Memories consultant would have weekend retreats! She rented a beach house one year and we spent a couple days scrapping, taking photos and just relaxing at the beach (it was early May, so it wasn't lay on the beach weather, more just see the sights).

She would also have weekend scraps where you showed up for a day and just scrapped!

They were both amazing and it would be on the one thing about paper scrapping I actually miss! I would love to get together with other scrappers! Chatting, sharing ideas, seeing what others were working on, snacking on food, shopping as was all so much fun!
Oh, a beach house would be amazing for retreats!!
I agree, Dawn... It's so much fun to get together.

Originally Posted by LeeAndra View Post
For the past few years, my mom and I have traveled to a crop a couple hours from here once a year and spent all day Saturday scrapping. The fee we pay is for breakfast, snacks, & dinner. We bring our own lunch & drinks (although they have water, juice, and pop, too). We then rent a hotel room and spend the night before coming back Sunday morning.

I purposely don't ask for the WiFi password so that I don't get distracted with shiny Internet things. Last year I got 12 pages done in 12 hours! It's the most productive I am all year.

I don't go to crops otherwise but my mom goes to big scrapbook expos, etc. now that she's retired and crops at those. She used to crop at our LSS until they all closed down.
What a fun activity to do with your mom, LeeAndra! Not getting the wifi password is a great idea!! Maybe I should have my hubby change our password every night, then I'd be much more productive
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