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Originally Posted by Agui11 View Post
Looking for some direction on # 12: Journal Challenge: Perseverance
Any ideas or inspiration would be greatly appreciated!
- Could be a life lesson in general about perseverance (you could use a favourite quote as a starting point).

- Have you ever had to work hard at or for something? (graduating from school, earning a promotion at work, being patient with relatives, working out at the gym, learning a new skill etc). Scrap about that challenge. Could even be about learning a new scrapping technique that took a while to master.

You could also write the journalling as if you're giving advice to your child. Tell them the value of perseverance, and the blessings that come from it.

I've done a few layouts that would qualify for this challenge. The first is about persevering through challenges.

This one is me persevering with teaching my girls healthy concepts such as individual value and self worth etc. They may not want to hear it, but I keep scrapping pages with advice in the hopes they'll read it and take it in one day.

This is me persevering as a mother, trying to do the right thing for a teenage daughter.

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