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I think there will be a LOT of deaths next week.

Love the connection with Sansa & Theon. I think those 2 have been through such horrific stuff that they have that connection no one will understand. My husband thinks they can't be together because of the missing appendage & I scoffed at him. THAT is not important, and after everything, Sansa may never want to be intimate again.

As much as I love Jaime & Brienne, I want her & Tormund to get together. He just fell for her instantly & loves ALL of her, something she's never had before.

The knighthood, YASSSSSS!!!

Dany & Jon.... hmmmm is she going to become the Mad queen perhaps? I worry for Jon, Sam & Bran now.

Ayra & Gendry! House Stark & House Baratheon finally joined ♥

How good was the line "The things we do for love!"
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