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For's something every single day LOL. I have the worst memory, always have. I know this about myself so I try to write notes on my phone, have small writing pads at my desk and in the kitchen. I also write things on the calendar to remind me.

In my office, I have a binder with my CT duties listed and I cross off with a highlighter when completed.

I'm famous for going to the grocery store and forgetting what I went to get. So I will take a pic of a recipe ingredients if that is the reason I'm going to the store or will fill out a grocery list on my phone.

My husband will often get deliveries for his business (I work at home so am here during the day to receive UPS/FedEx deliveries) and then I forget to tell him there are packages in the garage for him. He knows to pop into the garage every few days and take a look to see if there are new boxes. He knows me so well
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