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Originally Posted by JillW View Post
Thanks for the info!! I'm so intimidated I've started and deleted a book or 10 a dozen times now!
What sizes do you ladies make? Do you use the digital scrapbook book template? What color of pages do you use? Do you use a favorite layout for the cover? LOL see why I'm intimidated - I'm sort of clueless!!
I print softcover 8x8s. I use the plainest-looking album I can find -- Modern Black? Modern White? Something like that. I make very simple covers for each year with the year on the front in big numbers and a little tag that says "made with love by xxx" on the back. One of their page choices is a full-size photo, and that's what I use on every single page so I can just drag & drop my pages. I usually select to view the pages by title, since I number my page titles by month, but it doesn't always perfectly order that way so I have to make sure I scroll through the whole photo bin to not miss a page and then I check the "Hide Pages Used" feature so that once I've dragged & dropped a layout onto the album page, it disappears from the photo bin.

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