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You guys are making me think I might give Shutterfly a try one of these days. I'm a pretty staunch Persnickety Prints supporter, printing single 12x12 pages and putting them in page protectors in traditional scrapbooks - 20 pagers for smaller themed books and 3-ring large expandable books for our everyday pages. I guess that's just a hold-out from my paper scrapbooking days, I like how I can remove pages and move them around if I need to. But I have a couple books that could maybe look really nice in a book of their own like this. Maybe my All About Me album, or the book of all of my dad and late mom's travels in the last years before she died - and that way I could print a second copy for him as well. Hmmm...

How much do you guys typically spend per book? I'd prefer 12x12 size for most books rather than 8x8, I just like that size. And how do you think it compares to how much I'm currently spending per book? For example if I have a 20 page themed book printing pages costs me $40 not including shipping, plus buying a book to put them in ($30 give or take). But most of my books are not limited to 20 pages, I could easily spend upwards of $200 or more printing pages for one book. I'm only limited by how many I can fit in one book...which is a ton with flat digital layouts and the 3-ring style books I buy.

It would be really great if Persnickety Prints offers a similar service, so I think I'm going to have to check into it. Nothing against Shutterfly at all, but PP has always been great to me and I do love supporting them.
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