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Originally Posted by lholuska View Post
How much do you guys typically spend per book? I'd prefer 12x12 size for most books rather than 8x8, I just like that size. And how do you think it compares to how much I'm currently spending per book? For example if I have a 20 page themed book printing pages costs me $40 not including shipping, plus buying a book to put them in ($30 give or take). But most of my books are not limited to 20 pages, I could easily spend upwards of $200 or more printing pages for one book. I'm only limited by how many I can fit in one book...which is a ton with flat digital layouts and the 3-ring style books I buy.
I'm such a nerd that before I decided to switch from single pages to photobooks I did a big cost analysis at multiple sites. The numbers I used are outdated now since this was about 4 years ago, but when I really included everything for 12x12 the photobooks were much cheaper. I always wait for these unlimited free pages sales. I just spent $112 for a 100-page 12x12 book with upgraded printing and the standard layflat pages. (In past sales I think it has been closer to $85, but the discounts for the book itself, the layflat pages, and the upgraded printing weren't as big as they used to be.) If I'd ordered the same as single pages it would have been $1.50 a page (if Persnickety print credits still cost the same) plus the album and page protectors.
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