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I'm procrastinating going through about 5GB's worth of old family 8mm films that DH digitized and I am editing into a chronological film. It was going to be a surprise gift for his grandma (we would also make copies for his aunts and mom), but we realized we need more information, such as locations and dates and, frankly, some family names because this goes back to my DH's great-great-grandparents! So I sent two DVDs with the mostly-raw footage and a note promising she'll get the Final Cut, but if she wouldn't mind telling us more so we can include info in the DVD's Home page, that would be great.

Later this week my MIL and aunts-in-law will be at Grandma's house because one aunt is getting knee surgery and they're going to help her out. (Yes, I know covid is still bad, but these people think "family that lives in another household" doesn't count as breaking covid protocol simply because they're family. *shrug*) They should all be together when the DVD arrives; it'll be a fun (and non-mobile) activity for them to look at videos of their childhood together. Hopefully they'll laugh and share memories, and I'll get lots of brownie points for doing this. *giggle*

I meant to get this in the mail last week, but between snow days here and bad weather there, it probably wouldn't have arrived much sooner since both our mail service and theirs were delayed. I really wanted to wait and send a final, beautifully edited product to Grandma, but DH wanted to just get her the video. Anyway, I should be working on editing the digitized copies, but here I am, talking about it instead!
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