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I am procrastinating on just about everything....

I am way behing in scrapping yearly books and memories... I get January and February done for each year and then I lose interest...

Cleaning... ugh, I hate it. Laundry waiting to be folded.... I did not do my weekly food prep last night....

We had a rough week and weekend, (One of my daycare littles fell at home,had a brain bleed and needed to have emergency brain surgery, so so much snow, our metal gas can for filling snowblower and generator rotted and we discovered it as we all walked through it and into the house....ugh.... then the dishwasher broke and leaked all over, then my usually good teens were not so good and snuck I'm totally stressed) (oh and the little one is a complete miracle and is recovering fantasticlly and is home already) I am really really outta sorts completely... oh and its snowing again
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