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scrapping, it's all behind.

In life in general- I just got the girls yearbook ordered for this year (I kept putting it off because High School yearbooks are expensive! But since I have a Senior this year and she actually works on the yearbook, I felt it was iimportant).

I need to put down a college deposit. My 2nd oldest has decided where she wants to go, so we need to get her deposit in sometime in the next couple months. I'm putting this off because it's such a big deal! Even with her financial aid package, it's still a little above our budget. She is working and saving her money, so she is planning on helping us out. The problem is that if President Biden's $15 minimum wage plan goes through, she will probably be out of a job. It's a small family owned bakery. And while it's doing wonderfully, her and her sister are bottom of the totem pole and I just can't see her keeping them and paying them that much more. If that happens...we will have to pray A LOT about what to do, because without her help, we can't afford the payments for her College.
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