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1. What is your morning beauty routine? Do you use makeup? How much time do you spend getting ready for the day?
I'm pretty low key these days too- I usually only wear mascara. I use & LOVE Rodan & Fields face products- currently I'm using their redefine line, as well as lash boost & eye cream. I usually shower at night so my hair is already dry, usually just brushed & into pony or bun (if I'm working) or sometimes just down if I'm home. I'm about 5-10 mins to "get ready"
2. How often do you grocery shop on a weekly basis?
At least once, but sometimes there's a Costco trip thrown in there or a quick stop for something specific. I usually plan our week out- but have seriously slacked at that this summer!
3. Do you have more "me" time on a weekday or weekend? Morning or night?
In the summer, my kids are home so it's usually at night after they are in bed (the hubby has hockey late nights 2x/week as well!) During the school year, I have a couple days during the week that it's just the dog & me, so that's my me time! I can't wait for school to start again!
4. How many hours do you spend in front of the tv generally?
Not a lot actually, maybe a couple in the evening max. During the day I'm usually busy cleaning or running errands, or scrapping and don't watch much. I listen to music more than I watch tv. I joke that I watch more tv at work than at home- since we have TV's that telescope above our dental chairs for patient's to watch while I'm cleaning their teeth! lol!
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