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Well currently I have next to nothing on my walls because we knew we would be painting ASAP and didn't want to hang anything until then. But I have a lot of stuff for my walls. I have a few things I've picked up from stores - a bunch of photo frames I was gifted when we first got married, stuff from stores with sayings on them. Right before moving I bought a couple of wall art pieces from someone on FB Marketplace, one said "Love grows in houses just like this" and it felt like the perfect piece for "our first home" so I bought it for $5. I also must have bought about 10 or so canvas wall prints that Dollar Tree had, they're about 6x6 and they had so many perfect for our decor - bought 2 coffee mug ones because that's my kitchen theme and I'm obsessed with coffee, a couple for my bathroom, a couple for my craft room, and I'm sure a couple others but I can't remember at the moment.

But mostly I try to avoid buying wall art and decor because I need a lot of the space for my own art. I do cross stitching, diamond painting, paint by numbers, and I've recently taken up dot mandala painting. I've amassed a lot of my own art, both finished and yet-unfinished. So far I've got two cross stitches for my kitchen (coffee themed of course), one for my living room (and a very recent embroidery that will go there somewhere), and several in my craft room. One of my finished diamond paintings also hung in my living room (a recreation of Van Gogh's Starry Night), I'm undecided on whether it will stay there now or whether it might fit better in our bedroom. A bunch of my diamond paintings also hang in my craft room. Admittedly, a lot of my finished projects end up in my craft room not because they're my crafts but because I usually pick my projects based on something I really like - so there's a lot of fairies, cats, a violin cross stitch (I used to play), sparkly things, and a diamond painting of my all-time favorite band (20+ year fan and yes still obsessed). But when they fit with the theme of the rooms that are more family-focused they end up there. I just finished a diamond painting that will be hung and go either in the living room or right above the staircase (which is basically in the living room anyway). I also have a really beautiful paint by numbers canvas that is REALLY close to being finished that matches so well with our new bathroom, so it will go in there we think. It's going to look so beautiful. I don't have any of my dot mandala paintings up yet, I'm more focused on making pieces to sell because I'm starting a shop at the end of November, but I plan on it eventually.

If I tried to show everything I've created it would take up an entire thread, but here's a couple I'm particularly proud of. First one of my favorite cross stitchings, my beaded angel. A lot of work and tiny stitches put into this one.

And since I doubt most people know what "dot mandala paintings" are, here's an example of one I've done.

I've got a lot more pictures of finished and unfinished art projects on my blog, so I hope it's okay if I drop the link here in case anyone wants to see any others.
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