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1. Any activities/events you have planned for Oct?

We're going to NYC next weekend! First time so yay! It's kinda terrible timing b/c DSD but it's a work sponsored retreat and the cheapest I think we'll ever get to go so off we go!

2. What is your environment/surroundings like in October?

I don't know yet. Haven't experienced an October here in VA yet! If it's like when we lived in NC it's still pretty warm but the leaves are falling!

3. What would you like to take a photo of? Anything specific?

I just have NYC on the brain so I'm looking forward to all the touristy photos we'll take there!

4. Have you started wearing sweaters, coats and scarves yet?

Only after the sun goes down. I took the kids to the park this week and wore shorts but brought a hoodie. Was so glad I did b/c I froze from the waist down. They, on the other hand, were running around like hyenas and were roasting!

5. What does the view look like out your door?

Front door: houses, houses and more houses. Back patio is all old growth trees and a stream. Lots of wildlife -- squirrels, deer, birds, foxes and occasionally there are box turtles but I haven't been lucky enough to see one yet!
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