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Happy Friday everyone. Today the sun is shining, the leaves are starting to turn colors, its a happy time of year for the topic today is "October".

Any activities/events you have planned for Oct?
My son has his first formal dance (Homecoming) Octoberfest, get in a few hikes before it gets gross out!

What is your environment/surroundings like in October?
I live in the PNW - so it is pretty quintessential fall. Colorful trees, cool but sunny days with cold nights.

What would you like to take a photo of? Anything specific?
I live near this gorgeous park that is full of trees and has this beautiful gazebo and an aviary...I think that might be kind of fun. Maybe a beautiful fall sunset hike too!

Have you started wearing sweaters, coats and scarves yet?
A lot of cardigans. Its not quite chilly enough for full on cold weather clothing!

What does the view look like out your door?
Bright green lawn, lush trees hinting at changing colors, people still out in their yards working and playing. And construction on a church across the street.

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