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Originally Posted by bcgal00 View Post
I stored mine in one folder so I can see it all when I open up the collab.
This is what I was leaning towards, but the designers releasing their individual portions is messing my system up because I'm not sure which is the best way to sort that mystery collab!

Originally Posted by JennNtheBoys View Post
I have a folder just for SSD Collabs (the big ones that everyone is a part of) that I put each kit into. I typically then create a folder within the Kit folder for different catagories -- all elements, all papers, all cards etc. I can't be bothered to go through everyones folder if I want to use the kit, I like everything to be in one place. Templates are the only exception.... I always put templates in my templates folder by designer just because I tend to use templates with any kit.
Normally that's what I do for normal store collabs. But with the mystery collab, I wasn't sure what was the best option. Templates, yes! If they are in their individual designer folder, I'll use them. Chances are I'll forget all about them if stored with the collab.

Originally Posted by AmieN1 View Post
I have a big SSD Collab folder that all the store things go into. I don't tend to keep specific designer's stuff in separate folders- Like Jenn, I like to see everything. Plus with the way they are named- it's fairly easy to see who's who. Often times I'll add a shortcut to the collab if it's a specific them (birthday for example- the shortcut will go in my 'birthday themed' supplies folder!)
This is what I normally do with the normal collabs, so I hear you. This is what I was thinking about doing too for the mystery collab--until I saw them being released individually this weekend.

Where do you store a shortcut? On your desktop? That's interesting.

Question for admin--
If we use the Mystery Collab and credit it as the mystery collab, should we use a designer's portion that's no longer in the store, it still will be able to be used towards challenges and what not, because the rest of the designers in the collab are current, right?

I think that's where I'm getting caught in the hold-up. If the designers are releasing their portion individually, can we still use the mystery collab credited in the gallery for it to count for challenges.

If it counts, then I'll just store it the way that I normally store them--as a whole collab. If we have to credit each product (that's in the store), I'll store it individually by designer.


I also apologize. When I'm sick, I ALWAYS overthink everything.
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