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Count me in, planning already

Points = 30

January 3 - Be inspired by the unconventional use of talk bubbles in this layout by Nicole N to create a layout of your own. - 2 points

January 23 - Peeking from a pocket... use a pocket or two on your next layout! - 2 points

January 29 - Are you looking for a creative place to put your journaling on a page? Here’s an idea: write ON your photo! For this layout, you may only journal in the blank spaces on your photo! - 2 points

February 14 - “Do More Of What Makes You Happy” This is what we want you to scrap now! What do you love to do most? This page has to be about YOU! - 2 pts

February 28 - In honor of the Oscar’s, create a layout that features you or your family’s all time faŽvorite movie. - 2 pts

March 5 - “Off center” is the very first thought we have when looking this image from photographer Michael Kenna, and that’s what we want to see in your page! Create an off-centered page with all of your elements placed on a single edge of your layout! - 2 pts

March 15 - Use the ideas from this article at wikihow as inspiration for chasing away the winter blahs or summer woes. Scrap a page about making the most of the season you are in! - 2 pts

May 3 - is one of my favorite sites for sketches. Choose a sketch on this page as a starting point for your own layout. - 2 pts

May 13 - Using this card as inspiration, create a layout with a picture that is cropped into a shape that is NOT a square, rectangular or circle. Then add some elements or paper pieces that are the same shape for added repetition. - 2 pts

May 14 - I was drawn to this poster not only beŽcause it would make a great title, but beŽcause the idea is so true and so interesting! Be inspired to create a layout where you document the two different sides to someŽthing or someone. 2 pts

September 19 - This is a cute list to get others involved in a page! Use some or all of this list and create a page about your child, spouse or yourself! - 2 pts

September 25 - Let’s play with our photos a little bit! Split a photo however you like, and have all but one piece in Black & White - 2 pts

October 26 - These prints are just fabulous! If you only had 24 hours in your favorite city, what would be on your itinerary? Scrap about it! - 2 pts

October 31 - Be inspired by this Swedish print ad for tanning oil, and stack 3 similar long skinny photos right on top of each other using most of your page in the process! - 2 pts

November 13 - The title work on this poster may be different from what you usually do on your pages! Use it as inspiration to have your title placed vertically from top to bottom. - 2 pts

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