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It's been a long time for me too... and something I have no desire to do again... haha - so kudos for keeping at it!!

I always found that when you first start a major (i've started four different majors before picking one and going with it)... those intro level classes that you would think would be easy are a pain! One professor told me that they are weeding out classes... they take care of the ones that aren't serious to put in the time and energy that the rest of the major is going to need... and typically that first year you don't know your professors very well, etc. So stick too it and next semester will be better.

My hubby has been taking a class for his job this semester at the technical school and it was been a real frustration for him too... he is a certified professional engineer, graduated top honors from college years ago - and now taking this intro level network class at the tech - but for him it's not the material - it's how the teacher is handing the class... a couple kids whine about having to take a quiz close book and the teacher says it's okay to use the book to take the quiz or they push the test off to the next week.

Good Luck!!
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