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Default Friendly Reminder to Back Up Your Files

Hey friends, learn from my mistakes and back up all your photos and pages! I had a catastrophic EHD failure on Thursday morning, and I lost 6 months of photos from my "good" camera and two months of pages. Thankfully, on a whim, I backed-up all my pages through September a few weeks ago, and I planned to do the rest later. I still have all my phone photos, and I've been able to download some from Facebook, but I've still lost thousands. And my pages! I have some of them in my gallery here, but they aren't big enough to print. I can try to remake some of them, but I don't have all the photos anymore. So don't put it off! Back that stuff up! I know that in the long run, it's a small loss, and it's such a first-world problem. It's also entirely preventable, so don't let it happen to you!
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