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These are amazing photos!

Originally Posted by Neverland Scraps View Post
After working with Apple for the short time that I lasted with the company, it left a bad taste in my mouth. I already wasn't 100% team Apple before working with them, but after working there, I can honestly say my impression of them dropped significantly!!

Moving forward, with the little respect that remained, I felt this way all last year knowing my phone was on the fritz and I had encountered all of our photos being turned HEIC. My iphone 8 (I think), the touchscreen was going, hardly ever registering my fingers. I looked at upgrading or getting a new Apple phone, thinking I was "stuck" with this brand because I've invested so much money in to it. I had sticker shock with our phone carrier the price they wanted for a new phone that I held off as long as I could because we simply couldn't afford a new phone, especially when my daughter's phone started going as well. We knew it was just a matter of time before the other two phones that we got at the same time started going and we couldn't fathom spending thousands of dollars to pay off new phones to fix our phones!

In came a very good friend of mine, is part of Best Buy's Geek Squad. I was complaining about the cost and needing to upgrade my phone when he recommended me to look in to a Google Pixel 4a phone. I fought the thought at first. But then my phone wouldn't even turn on because it wouldn't register my finger. I went days without a phone when I finally went to our local Best Buy. I was there for about an hour, playing with the two Pixel phones as well as on the phone with my friend asking him a ton of questions. In the end, I fell in love with the more affordable ANDROID phone that I bought it right then and there! Before I even got out to the car, my friend told me how to swap SIM Cards and I had a beautiful new phone at a fraction of the cost of a new Apple phone!

The best part with my Pixel phone is the photos are AMAZING! Even my children are like "Mama, take a photo with YOUR phone because the quality is a thousand times better" and they aren't kidding!! I actually use my phone's camera WAY more than I ever did my apple products!! Like seriously, who needs a DSLR with this camera??? I think the last time I used my DSLR was for Christmas and that was before I had my new phone! I don't even know if the batteries are charged!

Another great feature (with the Pixel 4 and I believe 5) is you get free unlimited photo storage for your photos. I have my phone syncing with my Google account and every night it backs up my photos to my Google Drive and I never have to pay for storage (on photos taken by the phone's camera). With Apple, you only had the space on your phone up to so much space on the Cloud. If you exceeded that amount you had to pay monthly for extra Cloud storage.

I never thought I'd say good friend laughs every time I comment about my phone, but I absolutely LOVE my Google Pixel phone and wish someone had told me about this product/brand YEARS ago!! You aren't "stuck" with Apple just because you've had their phone for years....there is a way out!

This is probably huge and if it is, I'll upload it to my FB and use that size because I know it'll reduce the size vs copying from my Google Photos. But look at this photo that I just "snapped" of my daughter's birthday. I wanted to see how well the photo took with my phone and I was shocked at the photo. I've been taking photos like this for years on my DSLR but this year...just my phone.

Just because I can as it's easy to access my photos from my phone ON MY COMPUTER, here are a few other photos

NONE of my Apple products would ever take such clear, crisp photos, especially in low-light settings. My Pixel phone has a nightmode which is AMAZING.

Okay, enough trying to convince you to switch especially knowing that irked feeling Apple leaves with their updates and subtle, but annoying changes. I'm just thankful to finally be FREE from Apple and with a brand that I love! I didn't think that was possible. Moving forward, the only Apple product I would consider buying/upgrading is an iPad/Pencil for my daughter, but only because she draws everything on her ipad and I think that's where Apple has the better market. But who knows maybe in a year or two when she needs a new one, there will be a non-Apple tablet that is just as good, if not better!
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