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I have VERY thick and VERY curly hair. I took a picture into my stylist and she copied it which is very hard to do with my hair. I think anything with layers, will make it look full and will calm it down, use a good heat protectant product, I use straight sexy hair, make sure you use a ceramic ionic hair dryer and a ceramic flat iron, these really help keep your hair from frizzing are much better than convential stuff you by. I use all that when do it straight. If you want to stick with something to keep the curls/wavy and not frizzy, use curly sexy hair products I think I have the curling cream, it's in a blue tube, then just blow it dry It's taken me a long to time to figure out how to make my hair look decent. I really didn't like to try new things with it, b/c of how curly it was. Hope this helps
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