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I don't know how university works where you are, but if your professors or TAs offer office hours, go to them. Not only because it allows your professors to get to know you but I found they often gave out hints and/or complete answers for assignments during those sessions. My grades definitely improved once I figured that out.

The other thing is to make sure you actually go to class. I know it's tempting to skip since no one is really watching what you do but I learned it was a lot less work to drag myself to school for an hour of class than to try to get and interpret notes taken by some else. Oh and that would be my other tip - figure out how you really learn the material. For me that meant writing notes out by hand in class and again on flash cards or study guides later - the act of writing it in my own words was how I processed it - and study groups didn't work for me at all. But for you it might be different.

Hang in there! The first year is an adjustment for everyone.
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