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Originally Posted by ~*Kiana*~ View Post
I use it all. lol. I don't count pages, but you can be referred to as one or more so I don't see it as a problem. My kids know I love them equally and I don't play favorites at all.

THey do read through them often and have never expressed a concern for "not" being the favorite.
Originally Posted by Neverland Scraps View Post
I don't use things like "I love you most/best" or things like that. But "You are my Sunshine", of course! My kids know that I don't have a favorite. They just like the layouts and know wordarts are sometimes out of my control/hands and forgive me for giving the assumption that I love one kid more than the other!
Originally Posted by Scrap-therapy View Post
For the word art, I guess I can "cheat" with the boy/girl favorite but to be honest I don't think they will take it litteraly if they see it later. They know I love them the same.
Not easy to make exactly the same for the both so I really hope they will understand it's not a question of favorite.

Originally Posted by AmieN1 View Post
I think that because I have one of each (girl & boy) that I seriously haven't thought about it one second. A lot of the supplies that have those sayings are either very girl or very boy oriented so I don't feel conflicted using a You are my favorite girly kit for my daughter or vice versa. Just my opinion, but my kids have not even mentioned it in the slightest.
I think I lean this way... I want to use the cards/wa because they're sweet & pretty and just go with the page. I'm inclined to work on the assumption that IF one of my kids even notices that there are pages that say that his sibling is "my sunshine"/"my everything"/"number 1" or whatever, that he'll also notice that there are plenty of pages saying the same things about him...just in a different color scheme.

I was making a page about my son's artwork being in the district "art show" and my husband (youngest of 7, with a weird family dynamic) said I should not say "you are my masterpiece" (I changed it to you are A masterpiece, hahaha) but I recently made a page about my daughter with a "you are my sunshine" card & I didn't think twice. I'm an only child, though, so it made me wonder...

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