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Default August 2011: Scrapper's Portfolio & Tracker

Hey Ladies!

August! It’s August and my boys are really settled into their summer routine. Only a few weeks left though and they’ll need to shift gears. At least we get a week at the beach this month before they head back to school. We have a fabulous list of challenges for you this month. Here’s hoping August is your month to complete the portfolio!

For ease of reference, we've created a printable checklist of this month's portfolio. Click the link below to download and print.

August 2011: Sweet Shoppe Scrapper's Portfolio & Tracker

As always, you MUST use primarily Sweet Shoppe products to complete your challenge layouts.

One Point Tasks - 20 Primary Points Possible
1 - Lift a portfolio layout by one of the Sugar Babes! This month the Sugar Babes created pages based on this August Portfolio. These layouts can be found in the gallery or rotating on the site’s home page. Your challenge is to lift one of the Babes' portfolio layouts!

2 - Quote Inspiration! Create a page that uses this quote as inspiration.
“Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” -Henry James

3 – 365 Days of Bliss! We’ve been sharing 365 Days of Bliss on the blog with you. Create a page inspired by one of the blissful posts found on the blog!

4 – Color inspiration! Create a page that uses this color palette.

5 – Books, Books, Books – scrap a page about reading, books, the library, your Kindle, etc.

6 – Ad Inspiration – create a page based on this ad.

7 – Cookie – Nikki has created this great cookie for you! Download it here and create a page.

8 – Member Spin-A-Lift – Look through mummytothree’s gallery and lift one of her pages, but spin it 180 degrees before you do!

9 – Lift-A-Babe – here’s your chance to lift the fabulous Kjersti!

10 – Recipe Challenge – Use at least two colors of cardstock *excluding white and black*, some stitching, 3 buttons or epoxies, 3 brads, and at least one shape that you “punch” out of patterned paper.

11 – Pick a bad photo, apply a vintage effect and write something in a sans serif font on it. Like this.

12 – August 4th is Twins Day! Create a page where you have TWO of everything on your layout. 2 buttons, 2 flowers, 2 frames, 2 photos, etc.

13 - One Little Word Challenge: Ready! Scrap a layout based on that word (use it as your title!)

14 – Font challenge - use this font on your layout.

15 – Summer Recap – summer is almost over. Did you complete anything on your summer bucket list? Scrap a page about it – either one of the items or your entire list – the choice is yours.

16 – Back to School! That means shopping. Scrap what came out of your shopping bag (whether back to school or grocery store or wherever you've been shopping) after a trip to the store.

17 - It's time for one of our steady favorites again! Paper 2 Digi! Browse lilyfanfan’s gallery and lift one of her amazing layouts! Paper 2 Digi is always a blast and a great chance to try out some new techniques!

18 – Choose one piece of your favorite clothing (shirt, skirt, dress...) and scrap a page inspired by its colors or patterns. Show us the shirt / skirt / dress, too.

19 – Create your own word art and use it on a layout

20 - Are you keeping up with your recipe book? August is National Zucchini Month! Create a recipe card featuring zucchini! Need some ideas? Check out the Food Network for loads of yummy recipes!

Two Point Tasks - 20 Primary Points Possible
21 - Technique – Create an abstract watercolor background.

22- These days a lot of us are taking photos with our cell phones or maybe you’ve just taken a photo with your camera that didn’t turn out how you had hoped. Choose a poor quality photo, play with it in your editing program to improve the quality and scrap the edited one. Show us the original bad photo, too.

23 – Me & My Shadow - Scrap a page using a photo of someone’s shadow or something's shadow as the main photo.

24 – Photo Technique – Lens Flare! Take a photo that has some lens flare and then scrap a page using the photo.

25 – Five Words Tell a Story - Bring a situation or message to life in merely five words. Then scrap that message! See examples here.

26 – Letterpress – watch this tutorial and create a letterpress effect on a layout.

27 – One Template Two Ways! Use the same template to scrap 2 different layouts. Flip it, twist it, shrink it - get creative!

28 – Digiscrap Rewind - Recreate a layout you've done in the past to make it bigger and better than ever. Add that journaling you skimped on before, update the style and design vibe or share what you were REALLY thinking at the time to make it more personal, sentimental and significant to those who will reflect back on the memory in the future. (Share the original layout and the updated version in your portfolio point tracker post to earn both points.)

29 – Create a page that lists your top five regrets.

30 – Use one kit and create two layouts with the same kit.

Five Point Tasks - 10 Primary Points Possible
31 - Pick 3 topics around possessions and scrap 3 layouts to earn 5 points:
31a – Scrap about your most prized possession.
31b – Scrap about the one item in your home that you would love to get rid of.
31c – Are you a chucker, a hoarder, or somewhere in between? Scrap it!
31d – Scrap about an item that you would like to own.
31e – Scrap about an item you threw away or lost that you’d like to have back.

32 - Life Lessons 2011 - this year SSD is encouraging you to create a Life's Little Lessons Album! One of the greatest things we can pass along to our loved ones is the stories of lessons we've learned in our own lives, so this year we're challenging you to do a little soul searching and create an album of these little learning experiences.
Pick 3 of the 5 topics below and scrap 3 layouts to earn 5 points:
32a – Perfection is Being Beautifully Imperfect
32b – We regret more about the things we didn't do than the things we did do. Get out of yourself and just do it.
32c – We don't have to do anything - we always have a choice
32d - If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can't buy.
32e - Winners don't count the days, they make the days count.

Ten Point Task - 10 Primary Points Possible
33 – This month's challenge is to create a mini-album with at least 10 pages in it. Nice and simple, right? It can be any shape, any theme, any material, any size!! Maybe you're going on vacation this month and want to make a travel album to take with you, or maybe you're all done traveling for the summer and want to recap everything. Maybe you didn't "go" anywhere, but did lots of fun "stay-cation" types activities, or maybe you've got another story to tell. Make yourself something special to hold all those memories you're carrying around in your head and in your heart!

Accordion Album in a Suitcase by Rebecca Kuchenbecker
13 Things Mini Album by Rebecca Kuchenbecker
School Years Mini Album by RobMab
Vintage Mini Album by Nattarita
Van’s Envelope Book by Renee Zwirek
A Healthy Journey Album by Vanessa Senyk

Flex Tip - Be Creative! If the challenge is asking for a TOP 10 of your favorite TV shows, feel free to scrap your husband's or child's favorite shows instead! If it's asking a question, feel free to ask the question of a loved one and scrap a page for them instead.


DON'T FORGET! As you complete layouts for our challenges, you'll be tracking them yourself in one post that you'll update throughout the month. For August, all layouts and points need to be posted by 11:59pm EST at the end of the day on September 1st. If you're joining us for the first time this month, have a look at the amazing portfolio tracker threads from throughout the year to see how it's done!
1) Post to claim your tracker spot for the month.
2) When you finish a layout for a challenge, upload it to the gallery and right click to get the image information for your layout.
3) Return to your tracker spot you claimed in this thread, and click edit to add the image of your layout to your portfolio. You'll want to add your layout in order of the numbered list above and include that number and the points earned above your image.
4) At the very end of your portfolio, please keep a running tally of the total points earned to date.

PLEASE NOTE: Portfolio points may NOT be carried over into the following month as each month begins anew with a fresh set of inspiring challenges! Additionally, you may NOT use the same layout for more than one numbered task - each task requires a new layout. For more information, visit the Portfolio FAQ.

Please don't post chatter or comments in this thread as we'd like to keep it clean and easy to check at the end of the month. If you want to give praise to your favorite prompts or layouts, feel free to chatter as much as you like in our General Info & Chatter Forum. Thanks!!

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