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So glad I wasn’t the only one wondering! I started mine last night just by bringing pictures, papers and elements in. This is my first ‘from scratch’ page... I’m still getting the hang of it and use templates as my guides.

Originally Posted by kelley View Post
Great question! I don't create a template for myself unless I have a specific idea and the photos need to be a certain size. I make probably half my pages without a template, and I just wing it. Sometimes I'll open a photo, resize it how I like, and then instead of cropping, I'll create a layer underneath, draw a rectangle, shadow that, and then clip my pic to it. For ellies, I just wing that too.

Occasionally if I really love my page, I'll save it and then turn it into a template quickly, but nothing fancy.

Kelly: out of curiosity, why do you choose to make some of your pages without templates vs with?

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