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Originally Posted by Jlmurrell View Post
When making a layout from scratch, how do you add the textured edges on your papers... stamped/scalloped/torn, etc (anything but the basic straight edge)?

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stamped - use brushes to make your stamps/edges on their own layers and then clip whatever you want to them.

scallop - make a scallop. Take your circle brush and adjust the spacing. Drag the brush to make a straight line (hold "control"). You'll have dots moving along the page. If you want a straight line on the one side, take the rectangle tool and make it the length of your scallop. Once evenly lined up, merge. Fill in any holes where the circles and rectangle meet.

torn - I have an action for that. I make whatever line (straight or not) and then run the action. It's from Atomic Cupcake, no longer in business. But there are plenty of designers who sell CU tears that you can purchase and add to your edges.
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