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Originally Posted by jak View Post
I totally wing it! I have no ideas in my head whatsoever when I start a page. I have a photo and a kit and then I start dragging things on to the page from the kit and moving them around until I like what I see - so basically whatever elements, papers, etc are in a kit determine what direction my page takes!
This is pretty much what I do. Invariably, I end up using only a few elements. I am a very simple scrapper. Although I have hundreds of templates, I really don't even think to use them. LOL That's probably because I started out as a paper scrapper. Also, when I started digital scrapbooking, I don't recall seeing any templates, so I had to wing it.

Why do you make your own template? Why don't you just crop photos and papers that you use into the size that you want? I have, though, clipped papers to papers I have cut because I change my mind.
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