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Originally Posted by jen104 View Post
Before I buy something from my wish list that I'm not sure I didn't already get, I go to the shoppe and add both the bundle and the kit to my cart to see if I might have already purchased one or the other. Since doing that, I haven't made any more double purchases.
That's genius! I always search my stash first and then buy, but sometimes if it's a collab, it's in the other designer's folder or I overlook it somehow. This is genius and I will be doing that from here on out!

Originally Posted by ashersmommy View Post
It didn't flag me for some reason and I bought the exact same kit, not the bundle. It's kind of funny because I bought it in February of last year and then about a year and one month later in February of this year. :P
If it didn't flag you, it's possible it was pulled from the store because the designer retired (Melissa B retired and came back), or the designer pulled products/collabs from their store and got the green light to add them back in the store.

Since it was the exact same kit, I'd use the contact us form in the store and explain that you bought the exact same item, but the store didn't flag your purchase. I've done this at a different store when the designer changed their name to their real name. The store didn't flag my purchases, but I did indeed buy it before. They were able to refund my purchases.
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