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The top 10 moments to me, is pretty straight forward, though you could do it from your point of view, or your kids, or your husbands.

The year in review could be tackled several ways:

- You could review one concept. E.g. One Little Word - how did you do? Or say you had a goal you wanted to reach this year - how did that go?

- You could do a general review of the year (not just the top 10, but how the year went in general)

- You could do an end of year review of the kids' progress at school. How have they changed from start of the year to end of year?

- You could do a personal assessment of yourself and journal how you've grown in various areas, and what you have or haven't achieved.

- Did you have a bucket list at the start of the year? Review that and how much you managed to tick off the list.
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