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My spot.

TOTAL= 31 points
NEW RELEASES= 5 points

November 31. Christmas is coming - are you all caught up? Scrap holiday photos from a past year, using less-traditional holiday colors. - 2 pts

March 34. If nothing ever changed there'd be no butterflies. Scrap about a change or transformation in your life that inspires you. 2pt

January 26. Project Life/ P365/ P52 is just beginning. Take inspiration from these projects and create a layout documenting something about this month. -1 pt.

January 16 - Use all--or at least two--of the prompts listed here on a layout. - 1 pt

October 29 - Scrap whatever YOU want! - 2 pts + 1 NR (I don't wanna grow up, released 12/21/uploaded 12/22)

31 July - Christmas in July - 2pts. + 1pt. NR (kit from KCB - uploaded 12/2)

February 2 - It's all about {Photo} perspective, change up your angle, change up your layouts! Get high and look down at your subject, get low and look up, anything but the standard "point and cheese!" - 2pts (picture with girl holding cat)

September #11 - Not a Project Life Scrapper? Tired of all the journaling cards on the market because you just don't know what to do with them? Take some tips from Sugarbabe Tronesia and use those journaling cards in an unexpected way on your non-Project Life layout! - 2pts + 1 NR pt = 3pts (Make Something Beautiful, released 12/14, uploaded 12/14

November 28 - Autumn tablescapes are so beautiful. Use the tablescape featured and create a page with whatever inspires you about the photo. - 2 pts.

November 12. "Make it simple, but significant" - following that idea, create a clean and simple page. -2pts

Sept. 2 - You know who gave great quote? Walt Disney did! I can look at quotes of his and find something to go with just about anything. So that's what I want you to do! Go and pick a quote from Disney and use it on your page. - 2 pts.

Oct. 4. - Black and white can be so stunning. Really push the envelope and create a stunning black and white photo for your next layout. The photo should be the focal point. 2 pt. + 1 NR (Only in Dreams, released 11/30, uploaded 12/2)

Jan- 23 - Peeking from a pocket... use a pocket or more on your next layout! -2 pts.+ 1 NR (Text Pathapalooza 7 released 11/30, uploaded 12/2)

Oct. 18. Truer words have never been spoken. Scrap a layout about the awesome in you or a member of your family. - 2pts.+ 1 NR (Boy Wonder released 11/30, uploaded 12/1)

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