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Originally Posted by MamaBee View Post
I use cozi for all my son's appointments..
I believe I tried Cozi when it came out. It's a great system... if you use it. LOL!

Originally Posted by knittingbec View Post
I have used a few different ones--
-Erin Condren (I liked because it's pretty, but it's also pretty bulky. I did like having the day divided into 3 sections & used this differently from year to year (or even week-to-week!) Sometimes I used the sections as "morning" "afternoon" "evening", sometimes "appointments" "home" "errands" or "kids", "home", "work" etc.)
-Planner Pad (I liked the "funnel" system, but the lines were really small--I don't mind writing small, but I felt like there wasn't space for misc. stuff, would be great just for a to-do list, but I like to have a place to jot recipes, knitting patterns, etc.),
-Passion Planner (I liked that this one has extra "doodle" space, but most of my days don't need to be scheduled by hour).
-For the past year or two, I've used the Uncalendar (switched from the full size to the mini on my most recent one). I feel like it's a good balance for me-- you can put in hourly things, or just jot a general to-do list on any particular day. Each week has a side with various boxes for notes, you can create a "system" for using the boxes (i.e. meal plan in bottom left box) or just use them randomly like I do

ETA- I also did a year or so with a moleskine notebook as a bullet journal. I still love these for general note-taking & list-making and liked a LOT about that system (mine was not decorative at all) but I stopped wanting to carve out the time to draw my lines & boxes etc.
These are all ones you've tried, but didn't work for you?

Originally Posted by joelsgirl View Post
I figure the more reminding I get, the more likely I am to follow through.

My greatest trick for time management, though, is to put my computer up where I'm not constantly tempted to sit down for "just a sec" and then lose the rest of my day!
I couldn't agree more!! Lots of reminders really help!

I don't want to continuously turn my desktop off & on... maybe I need to set a timer? LOL!

Originally Posted by clearskies View Post
I also have a big wall calendar for the hubby. Yeah...he's not great about checking it.
LOL!! Mine never checked the wall calendar either!

Originally Posted by nietis View Post
I am a paper & pen girl all the way... I tried putting things on my phone calendar, but I don't really like it. So I only use phone calendar for birthdays & big events
I think after years of trying to only use Google calendar, I've realized that this is me, too, Sherly! It may look (and sound) old fashioned, but I feel more secure seeing it on the wall.
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