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I'm a little of both. I don't crave sweets often and when I do, I can satisfy my sweet tooth with a bit of low carb snacks like banana or pumpkin loaf, brownies, Atkin's bar or a bit of Lily's stevia sweetened chocolate bar. Also, I love coconut yogurt with chocolate strawberry flavored stevia drops in it and some fruit or low carb jam added. To me, that is like a dessert. I also buy paleo muesli and sprinkle some of that over my flavored yogurt for a snack.

Savory is my weakness. I can sit and eat a whole bag of chips so I don't let myself buy them often b/c I know I'll eat the whole bag in one night. I also love cheesie type snacks so every now and then I buy baked cheesies and eat the whole bag, savoring every single one.

Halloween is coming and we have two huge boxes of mini chocolate bars to give out. I am going to treat myself to 3 and am going to put them aside and save them until I sit down after the kids have stopped coming. I have to limit myself b/c I'll just keep eating and then will feel like crap the next day as my body doesn't handle the sugar well.

For snacking I often have nuts and a pepperoni stick. I recently found a recipe for keto friendly tuna melt muffins and am going to make those, freeze them and I think it'll make a good night time or afternoon snack.
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