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Originally Posted by ditzyscrap View Post
Sharon, now that you have an action, you should do a google search about how to create a "droplet". They're SUPER easy to create (using the action) and then all you have to do is drop the droplet/action into your folder in Windows and it will automatically run the action on ALL the files in there (so you'd have to make sure all your PSD files are in a folder but there are no other types, or that would create a mess of sorts, lol).

ETA: I created one to change my PSD files into 8x8 jpg's for printing...only takes a few minutes to run it on a folder and I can just walk away instead of having to open every file and run the action.
I've never heard of a droplet. Would this then be in lieu of running the action through Bridge in CS3? Believe it or not I have not used BRIDGE yet!! I was thinking I would open BRIDGE and point to the folder and it would do them...or will that not work? In BRIDGE do I need to open all the PSD files in order for that action to work?

I'd really like to get these done and re-backed up before I go to Disney!
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