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Originally Posted by kristalund View Post
I just ordered my son's Kindergarten Scrapbook!! I created it through Shutterfly! I am not in love with their page elements but I was able to get it done quickly!!
Congrats on getting it done! I stress over how I'm scrapping the pages and what supplies I use, but in reality I'm the only one looking through the album who knows the difference. I bet your son will be thrilled with the scrapbook even if you didn't love Shutterfly's options. Did you decide what to work on next?

Originally Posted by marlathrall View Post
I've actually got several weeks done in this last two weeks! And I'm almost caught up on editing pictures which is typically what holds me up!
That's great! Sounds like an incredibly productive 2 weeks.

I decided in early July that I was finally making our Disney 2016 book a priority. Luckily it went quickly--I managed to get all 47 pages done in time to print this week. (To put that in perspective, I usually scrap 3-4 pages a week.) It feels so good to know it's done and on its way to me!

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