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Growing up my sister and I always celebrated our birthdays together (we're 2 years, 6 days apart). Simply family gatherings. Mom would make our favorite dinner on our actual bday. Cake or special dessert at the family gathering. Pretty low key.
So it was ironic that my own children happened to be born 2 years, 6 days apart. Hey I know how this birthday celebrating goes! Now throw into the mix that my husband's bday is at the 3 day mark of that week (and funny side note, he and his brother are 2 years, 16 days apart).
For the kids (& hubby) they get to pick the dinner on their actual bday. We do a family gathering to celebrate all of three of them with special desserts all the way around.
We used to have joint birthday parties for their friends to attend but as the kids got a little older it was hard to convince them to share a location. Last year, my son decided he just wanted to invite a few buddies out to lunch and hang out at the house (Wow that was nice and easy!) My daughter had a tea party with just a handful of girlfriends. It's been interesting to watch their desires shift from the Bouncy Houses, Trampoline Gyms, Bowling Alleys, etc to smaller simpler affairs.
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