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For my son, we always have a big birthday party. When he was little, it was with our extended family, but now it's been with friends. He choses where and we go all out. He just turned 12 though so I said that was the last big party. In the future, he'll just get to do something fun with a friend. He also gets to decide what he wants for supper that night. Normally he wants me or my fiancÚ to cook him something, but some years he choses to go out to eat. He also brings cupcakes to school, but now that he is in middle school, I wasn't sure that was possible. His teacher said it was ok to bring treats to homeroom though so we grabbed a pastries tray from Sam's Club and he was king of the school passing them out all day. lol

For my birthday, I always go out for my free Mexican meal at a restaurant. My fiancÚ normally wants to go out for steak and I make him whatever treat he wants.

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