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Originally Posted by aussiegirl View Post
We keep birthdays simple and family focused! When the girls were little, we had really bad attendance for their birthday parties. Rather than them being disappointed in poor attendance year after year, we did away with parties. Starting with the oldest's birthday, each year was a different "event" for the birthday. We went to a movie (birthday child picking), out to eat (bday child chose), activity- anything from pro basketball game, concert etc.

Each of them get to chose a "dream" trip when they turn 16! This past year we spent a week Up North MI- hiking, waterfalls, beaches, scenic drives. This year we are going on a Disney Cruise and 2 days at Universal Studios. Next year we are going back to Disney for a Hawaii themed trip- Ohana, Discovery Cove, etc.

Otherwise, we keep them simple and just our little family! We all seem to like them better that way!
**wishing I was a daughter of Dawn to get a dream trip!! **

Oh wait, we still need to do our 40-year old trip that we said we were going to do for years. One of these years, right?!
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