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Originally Posted by KingsQueen82 View Post
We keep ours pretty simple too. They get to choose their birthday dinner and they always bring a treat of their choice to school. This is their 4th elementary school... 2 have allowed homemade treats, 2 haven't. So the ones that allow me to bring something in we go all out like cupcake cones or dipped and decorated rice Krispy treats, dirt cups, etc. We usually do something as a family for their birthday too - movies, a tram ride up the mountain, the zoo, etc. I wish we could do a big family party but as you know we don't live anywhere near family so that's a no go. One summer we went home for a visit and my mom threw an "Every Holiday Party" for all the holidays we miss out on. She had fireworks, egg hunt, birthday cupcakes, Secret Santa, you name it. That was the best!
I love that!!! That's perfect for all of us who can never get home on/near the birthday!! I should suggest this to my parents for when we go home for a visit--maybe his parents too since we've missed birthdays for three years!!
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