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Thank you Cindi for sharing your story. That's exactly that, they don't give us label jst to know what would really help him and take a direction. I really think of homeschooling and was nearly ready but In France it's not easy and he doesn't "work" with me, he doesn't like to show me what he did at school and never want to learn with me if it's not by playing. So I don't know if it would really help him. Thank you so much for your support!
How is your youngest now? I'm super curious because when I see my son always behind, I'm scare for him.:/
Hugs to you too!

Originally Posted by icindi View Post
It's hard. And I think doctors and teachers are slow to label anyone. My youngest started school a year late and was still behind. He had medical issues and we weren't sure what else was going on. He ended up having learning disabilities, too. We decided to homeschool him so we could modify his schoolwork for him, it worked well for him and he caught up in most things over the years. I understand their reluctance to "label" but sometimes it gives direction on how to help the kiddo! Hugs and good luck to you!
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